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More mundane reasons could be behind strange orbits in the outer Solar System
Something is altering the orbits of objects on the outskirts of our Solar System. The existing...
Cassini spied the first rainfall in the moon’s north, heralding in summer
Recently discovered rainfall has heralded the start of summer in the northern hemisphere of Saturn...
Royal Observatory's Tom Kerss reveals how to capture a nightscape
With entries now open for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 competition, Royal...
The planet was hidden in ‘missing’ observations
The Exoplanet Explorers website helped to uncover a world which lies in a size 'gap' - the...
Get all the details for this year's astrophotography competition
The dates and details have been announced for this year's Insight Investment Astronomy...
Initial mission science results released by NASA scientists
The initial findings from the New Horizons spacecraft's flyby at Ultima Thule have been...
At 05:33GMT on New Year’s Day 2019, NASA’s New Horizons made a flyby of the Kuiper Belt...
Apollo 8 was the first crewed mission to circle the Moon
Apollo 8, the first crewed mission to circle the Moon, is best remembered for its Earthrise photo,...
What has New Horizons taught us about Pluto?
As the NASA spacecraft flies past the Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule, Paul Abel reveals what New...
Pattern of meteorological events spotted on gas giant
The changing features of Jupiter's stripes are well-known among astronomers. A team at the...

Here’s where you’ll find articles by our columnists including Sir Patrick Moore, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Keith Hopcroft.

A survey of solar eclipses, written for readers of all levels

How amateur astonomers have contributed to astronomy

The history of Moonwatch – the satellite-tracking programme

Equipment Review

Browse through our ever-growing archive of telescope and equipment reviews from the magazine.

A good step-up for binocular newcomers without breaking the bank
Magazine verdict: 4.5/5
Read our review of this compact yet high-performing scope from Altair
Magazine verdict: 5/5
ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera
Magazine verdict: 4/5
Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:02pm

BBC Sky at Night Magazine reviews editor Paul Money ponders the technological advances in smartphone astronomy.

Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:50pm

BBC Sky at Night Magazine reviews editor Paul Money ponders the technological advances in smartphone astronomy.

Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:09pm

BBC Sky at Night Magazine reviews editor Paul Money wonders whether there will be a telescope-shaped present under the tree for him this Christmas morning...


What's your favourite type of telescope to observe with?

As an astronomer you're spoilt for choice when it comes to making a descision on what kind of telescope to observe with. But which type gives you the most pleasure?


Astronomy for Beginners

Here’s where you’ll find observing guides, how-to articles and great astronomy hints and tips. Don’t forget to also check out our comprehensive astronomy dictionary.

Take the back strain out of the aligning process with our DIY project
'How To' Guide

Take the back strain out of the aligning process with our guide to building your own right-angled polarscope adaptor.

The alternative to long, single exposures when capturing deep-sky objects
General Guide

Why is stacking vital for astrophotography? It's the alternative to long, single exposures that will best capture deep-sky objects.

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