Astronomy for Beginners

New to astronomy? Not sure how to get started in stargazing or which telescope to buy?

Here’s where you’ll find observing guides, how-to articles and great astronomy hints and tips. Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive astronomy dictionary.

Astronomy Dictionary

A rocky piece of debris in space that is smaller than an asteroid. If a meteoroid enters Earth’s atmosphere it is called a meteor. Most meteors burn up in the atmosphere, but those that don’t and survive an impact on the ground are called meteorites.

Quantum theory

This is the study and respective theories on how the Universe is put together on a tiny sub-atomic scale. It’s the dream of many scientists to combine quantum theory with the theories that explain the large scale Universe in one unified theory.


The small, low-power telescope that is attached parallel to the main telescope tube. It is used to initially locate celestial objects as it has a wider field of view than the main tube.

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