Astronomy Tools

Here’s where you’ll find help to get the most out of the night sky. There’s in-depth advice on how to hunt down spectacular sights with your scope, tools to plan your observing time with, and a field of view calculator to help you choose what equipment to use.

Interactive Tools
Customisable star chart

This interactive planetarium shows what the planets and constellations currently look like above the UK. It can be set to any time and location you want.

Field of View Calculator

Use this calculator to get a feel for the size of view that different combinations of telescope and eyepiece or camera will give you.

Moon Phase and Position

This handy tool will show you the Moon's phase for any date and time you choose, plus other useful information like its location in the sky and its angular diameter.


Observing Guides

If you’re interested in stargazing, then our observing guides provide you with all the information you need to hunt down the most spectacular night sky sights.

The Pleiades

A tour of spectacular deep-sky objects with Patrick’s pick of personal favourites

The aurora as seen from an airplane. Credit: Paul Money

All you need to know about one of the night sky’s most spectacular sights

M74. Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collabor

Join Patrick on a tour of autumn’s most spectacular spirals

The Orion Nebula. Credit:NASA/ESA/M. Robberto (Space Telescope Science Institute

We take you on a journey into the depths of space that will push your eyes and equipment to their limits

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