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A journey into space with Brian Cox, Colin Pillinger and Martin Rees

Learned men of science and astronomy take a voyage into the cosmos

Star parties for beginners

Beginners astronomy events are increasingly popular, thanks to tie-ups between local astronomy groups and conservation organisations

Astronomy has been enjoying an unexpected boost in popularity lately. I have it on good authority that sales of telescope spiked after Stargazing Live in January, and a star party I attended in early March had a bigger crowd than an event at the same location a few months earlier.

Stargazing with the National Trust

The National Trust star parties held at Tyntesfield near Bristol are bringing a new audience to amateur astronomy.

The man from Bristol Astronomical Society was explaining the concept of relative sizes and distances. The Moon, he said, was much smaller than the Sun but just happened to be close enough to cover it up during an eclipse. A lady in front of me was clearly impressed. "We didn’t get that from the trendy professor," she remarked, adding "It was all very morose…"

The Sky at Night episode guide, free with our March issue

The Sky at Night episode guide 1957 - 2011

The March issue of Sky at Night Magazine has an incredible free gift. It's a 24-page guide to every episode of The Sky at Night TV programme, from April 1957 to the 700th episode in March 2011.

On Sunday 6 March at around midnight, you'll be able to watch the 700th episode of The Sky at Night on BBC One. Here at Sky at Night Magazine we're onto our 70th issue, and even that seems like a lot to me. Our magazine is monthly, just like The Sky at Night, but the TV programme is rather older. It was first broadcast in April 1957.

The stranger side of astronomy outreach

A weird and wonderful event involving the stars and a spa.

What’s the strangest astronomy ‘outreach’ event you’ve been to? Outreach in itself is an odd word, but what it means is an activity put on by keen amateurs or professional scientists to interest the public in astronomy. We’re incredibly lucky in the UK that so many people are willing to do this for nothing.

Yuri Gagarin - his story in pictures

Yuri's Day front cover

A new graphic novel on the life and times of the first man in space.

Few events can truly be classed as Earth-shattering, but Yuri Gagarin’s ascent into space on 12 April 1961 is surely one of those moments.
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