Interactive Planetarium

This star chart shows you what the sky currently looks like over the UK and includes the location of the Sun, the bright planets as well as the constellations.

South is shown at the bottom automatically, but you can use your mouse to move the chart around.

The centre of the chart shows the night sky right above you, known as the ‘zenith’, and the circular edge of the chart is your local horizon.

If you’re facing due south and are looking at the chart with south at the bottom, the bottom half of the circle shows the sky in front of you, while the top half of the circle is the sky behind you.

The cardinal points of the compass (north, east, south and west) are also marked on the chart.

To change the date and time, click on the values at top left to bring up the date and time box.

Location is automatically set to Leicester, UK. To change it, click the longitude and latitude values at top left and enter the longitude and latitude of your location in decimal degrees.

This site will convert your address into the longitude and latitude.





Virtual Sky plugin provided by Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network

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